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Click on the link above to find important forms including the CAN vehicle list, OBDII Bypass Form, Emission Repair Renewal Applications and MUCH more!


a handy list of maintenance items that ALL HYBRIDS need!

After all they are still GAS Engine vehicles!

How to START and DRIVE a TOYOTA PRIUS with a Smart Key System

This video has intentional and deliberate mistakes to show some common

mistakes when a technician drives a new generation PRIUS for the 1st time!


NOTE: Since this is a movie file it it VERY large, please be patient as it can take up to 10 minutes to download even with a high speed connection!!

"The HYBRID is running with the Oil Drain Plug in my hand!!"

A Tech Tip where the real 'key" to the problem was the Smart Key System

Motor Magazine wrote an editorial about the Opportunities in Hybrid Service based on one of MEAs Hybrid Classes:

Click Here to Read the Motor Magazine Article

Can an Oil Change cause the Check Engine

Light to come on on a Toyota Prius?

Yes it can, read this bulletin from Toyota to be

sure it does not happen to you!

Click Here to Read the Toyota Prius Technical Service Bulletin

Click Here to view our movie on how to hook up your LABSCOPE for Cam / Crank Sensor Syncrnization as featured in our LABSCOPE Webinar!


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The National Automotive Service Task Force is a cooperative effort among the automotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry, and automotive manufacturers to ensure that automotive service professionals have the information, training, and tools needed to properly diagnose and repair today's high tech vehicles.
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Click on the Picture of the Meter for AC temp Testing Notes:
lPortable Wheel Alignment Systems for Auto Repair Shops


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